Mask Wearing for attending church

While the numbers on Covid-19 are up in Dallas county, we are trying to balance between protecting those who choose to physically attend our services. We
are also aware tht some people choose to not wear masks in public. 
So, many of our older people (who are more susceptible to COVID-19) who want to come back to church are still a little fearful because of people who have chosen not to wear masks inside the church building (especially in the foyer near the church offices before and after morning worship).
I spoke with Elder Jim Cook and Elder Jeff Murrey to get some input from them on this and here is what we believe would be the easiest and most helpful direction to go. 
All who wear a mask when entering and exiting the building, may enter the church/sanctuary through any doors except the doors by the STEEPLE and should sit on the PIANO side of the sanctuary. (see pic below)
All who do not  choose to wear a mask when entering and exiting the building, should enter the church/sanctuary ONLY through the doors by the STEEPLE and should sit on the ORGAN side of the sanctuary. (see pic below)
By doing things this way, everyone will feel a little more secure and be able to enjoy the music and message so much more. And of course, if you aren’t wearing a mask and you would like to fellowship after church with folks in the foyer WITH MASKS, all we would ask is that you keep one in your pocket to slip on for just a FEW MINUTES in order to show deference to those who are more susceptible to Covid.
We appreciate everyone’s help with this important issue!!!!!

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