Prayer Requests April 2, 2023


Prayer Requests
(For the week of  April 2nd-8th)


Terrie Searle—Thankful for God’s protection over my daughter Naomi; my sister Linda Cole gets to go to church on Easter Sunday, her first outing since her bone marrow transplant!

Kelly Vacendak—praise to God that her co-worker, Lori Ochsner, did not have cancer!

Bob Vacendak—praise to God that friend Diane Niemelä is doing well in her recovery from knee replacement surgery; also, praise for success in dissertation defense this past Friday. Thank you for every prayer you lifted to God on my behalf!

Lupe Williams—son Jonathan is now officially “on the beat” as a patrol office. Also, praise for his new baby boy Ezra!


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Bob Vacendak—Please pray that 2023 will be our most fruitful and God-glorifying year ever; pray that God will open doors for all of us as His body to share the Message of Life with others. Each one, reach one!!!!! 

Please pray for Jamey and Sharlette Key and family. Jamey’s brother, Tony, went home to be with the Lord after a courageous battle with cancer. Funeral arrangements will be shared as soon as they are available.

Pray for Doug Newbauer and family in the loss of his brother-in-law Tom Johnson due to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

Pray for James Cook and family in the wake of Jerrie’s homegoing.

Mary Wriedt – recovering from surgery on Wednesday

Aleyna Muller—pray that all will go well for mom and baby due on May 25th!!!!

Becky Steller—Makenzie (co-worker) s being tested for breast cancer, she has a mass and pain.

Janet Autrand—depression/car trouble; cousin Laney has health issues.

Kelly Vacendak—father, Russell Anderson having shortness of breath and shoulder pain.

Debbie Copelin –My boss, Sarah is battling depression.

Madelyn Wood—Pray for several situations that they are having to deal with.

Unspoken—for baby who may need heart surgery.

Diane Vargas –unspoken.

Anthony Gomez—pray for Anthony and Dorothy as he battles cancer!

Leslie Turney – friend Ann Johnson; health issues.

Pray for Patricia Johnson—recovering from surgery.

Vince Deegan—I am having bouts of vertigo, pray that the Lord will heal it; brother-in-law Jim has COPD.

Pray for the people of Ukraine.

Loretta Kelton— that the Lord will bless our Mother’s Day Out program.

Stephen & Jonathan Klehm; Christopher Thompson— serving in the military

Doug Newbauer—pray for his family and friends.

Pray for those with SPIRITUAL NEEDS

Maya Kinney—former attendee having severe spiritual battles.

Mike Steller—son, Elijah to see the many blessings the Lord has provided to him.

Dan & Teresa—for God to heal their lives.

Hankins Family—going through very difficult time right now with various issues.

Debbie Copelin — personally need prayer for encouragement.

Robert Searle––my son Glenn to return to faith in God.

Leslie Turney—pray for spiritual transformation in the life of my brother-in-law Steve; step-son Jason—that he would come back to the Lord. Steve is also very frail physically.

Katherine Odie—Pray that my whole family would choose to serve God openly. That we may all look to Jesus for deliverance from our sins, especially addictions that take us away from serving God.

Rodney Campbell—for our young generation of kids to be soldiers for God even though the world tries to pull them away; for our president and our country.



Pray for those with CANCER

Brian Saxon (brain cancer)

David Carmichael (prostate cancer)

Terry (75) skin/lung cancer

Jack Padgett (friend of Debbie Copelin)

Anthony Gomez—pray for Dorothy also!

Ruth Wright (Gerald W sis-in-law)

JoAnn Kirkland (friend of Cooks)  

Rusty Morris (Debbie C friend;)

Sharon (Peggy M friend)                 

Dr. Zellabes (brain cancer)

Chip (Janet A friend)            

Cindy West (Helen M)

Gary Stephens (prostate cancer)               

Kelly Burns (leukemia)

Carolyn Pierce (breast cancer)          

  Donna H (cancerous polyp)

Pat (Diane V sister)

Pat Patterson (strength & encouragement)

Linda Cole bone marrow transplant

  Andy (Debbie C. friend stg. 4 throat cancer)

David Behnke (Mike’s uncle;
has bone cancer and is unsaved).

Barbara Clinton
(Sharon D friend; Stage 4 kidney disease)

Craig Parker (throat cancer)
Bob Ernst’s friend

David Dodd
Debbie Copelin’s friend

Pray for those with GENERAL HEALTH issues:

Erica Strahan (lupus)

(Diane V sister)

(Helen M sister)

Janet Autrand (hiatal hernia)

Ed Kelton

Stan Fujarski

Loretta Kelton

Beth Foster

Eula Williams

Bonnie Trousdale

Peggy Murray

Gerald Wright

Wilma Hickson

Gary Cook

Diane Peavey

Virginia Gourd

Gene Wood

Helen Maupin

Terry Leverett

Barbara Leverett

Bert V (Diane V husband)

Karen Leupold (cancer in remission)

Noami (friend of Debbie Copelin) tumor

Linda & Larry Garrett (Madelyn friends)

Kerrie Decker (Becky S friend)

Sandra Baxley (Terrie S friend)

Mrs. Baird (Becky S friend)

Danielle Kenny (Maya K mom)

Earnestine Jordan (Cook’s friend)

David (Suzanne P son-in-law)

Edie (friend of Janet A)

Peggy Carroll (COPD)

David & Linda Durom (Doug N friends)

Rene Lopez (post-stroke recovery)

Kristen Cook (congestive heart failure)

Bryce Turney (migraines)

Mrs. Clayton (Christy C mom; dementia/hip recovery)

Chad Copelin
(spiritual/emotional issues)

Mom of Mayra Ramos

Shay Searle (spiritual/emotional issues)

Dan T’s aunt (beginning of Alzheimer’s)

Mayra Ramos

Meredith Long (Marilyn’s sister) dementia

Russell Anderson (91) (Kelly V’s dad)

Dwayne Wood  (Peggy C friend)


Praising God with you for many answered prayers,

Pastor Bob

RPF Missionary Prayer List

Pray for our co-laborers around the world!

  ∙ Dalvino and Iara Sousa (Brazil)

   ∙ Guy and Tali Cohen (Israel)

   ∙ James & Judith Gutinyu (Zambia)

   ∙ International Justice Mission (Africa)

  ∙ Victor and Carole Hartsfield (Cambodia)

  ∙ Davey and Marie Jank (Venezuela)

  ∙ Ed & Cecilia Kofi (Liberia)

  ∙ Steve and Shan Lewis (Jordan)

  ∙ Paul and Lena Miles (Ukraine)

  ∙ James and Phyllis Myers (Ukraine)

  ∙ Leah Rigsby (New Guinea)

  ∙ Jeff and Pat Ropp (Philippines)

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