Prayer Requests Jan 24, 2021

Prayer Requests
(For the week of January 24th-30th)

Bill Stinedurf (Kelly V uncle)                      Linda Vapreszan (Kelly V friend)
JoAnn Kirkland (friend of Cooks)              Ruth Wright (Gerald W sis-in-law)
Sharon (Peggy M friend)                               Jacola (Becky S friend)
Chip (Janet A friend)                                      Bob Duff (Debbie C friend)
Gary Stephens (prostate cancer)               Rusty Morris (Debbie C friend)                             
Carolyn Pierce (breast cancer)                  Suzhan Roach (family friend of Jake Ramey)
Stephanie (Debbie C)                                    Gene Henderson (Cissy Welch)
Daria (Eula W)                                                 Cindy West (Helen M)
Dawson Wood (Cissy W nephew)              Dave Degnon (former RPF member)
Kathleen Curtis (Leslie T co-worker)        Penny (Lupe Williams)
April Carmichael (Loretta K sister)           Pat (Diane V sister)
Bob Wood (Jim C friend)                               
Kelly Burns (leukemia)
Scott Reese (Bob V friend)                          Lou (Madelyn W)
(bladder)                                                           (bone cancer)
Karen Leupold (Bob V)                               Donna H (Peggy C daughter)
(chemo/radiation)                                         (cancerous polyp)
Roger Evans                                                    Ann Johnson
(Glenn T’s step-brother)                               (recovering from double mastectomy)
Ana (Chester W sister)


Janet Autrand—pray for my family. My brother Gary Locke whom we have been praying for for some time passed away this past Sunday after a massive stroke. Please pray especially for his wife Carolyn.

Please pray for former East Texas youth director Russ Perry who has COVID and pneumonia. Many of us know Russ from Jan Kay Ranch.

Bob Vacendak—Please pray that 2021 will be our most fruitful and God-glorifying year ever; pray that God will open doors for all of us as His body to share the Message of Life with others. Each one, reach one!!!!! 

Kelly Vacendak—pray for my dad, Russell Anderson (89); will soon need kidney stone surgery.

Jim & Jerrie Cook—Pat Shackelford—recovering from bypass surgery

Debbie Copelin— sister, Mellonie recovering after hospital stay.

Robert & Charlotta Sherrin—unspoken request

Hankins family—pray that they would find an apartment/rental home that will house their family of 7.

Missionary Ed Kofi—Please pray for Daniel Hoover Children Village & Orphanage as well as the home for the deaf run by the ACFI in Monrovia, Liberia.

Madelyn Wood — special prayers for niece Cami & her daughter Haley. Haley has severe disabilities and Cami is a single mom; just extra hard for her now. Cami has moved to Lewisville.

Jamey Key — company/work situation

Loretta Kelton— that the Lord will bless our Mother’s Day Out program.

Stephen & Jonathan Klehm; Christopher Thompson— serving in the military

Sophia Abalegan — for my family, Hadish, Gelila, Esrom.

Glenn Turney—pray for spiritual transformation in the life of my brother Steve.

Rodney Campbell—for our young generation of kids to be soldiers for God even though the world tries to pull them away; for our President and our country.

Janet Autrand— grandkids Kailynn and Greyson to find a church home.

Kemesha Adkins-Turner— for myself and my family that we will stay strong in our walk with the Lord. Also for us to stay healthy at this time.

Katherine Odie—that my whole family would choose to serve God openly. That we may all look to Jesus for deliverance from our sins, especially addictions that take us away from serving God.

Doug Newbauer—needs more work opportunities; pray for his family and friends.

Loretta Radziwanowski—pray for my daughter Angela and her kids. Pray that the Lord will heal our land and rid us of this virus.

Mayra Ramos—self, for the Lord to guide me and keep me on His path; son, Lael—pray for wisdom and guidance as I homeschool him—to stay healthy and on fire for God; for Lillah to stay on fire for God.

Lupe Williams— my walk with the Lord and growth in His grace; pray for my son, Jonathan, and daughter Andrea, to get into and stay in church.

Pray for those with COVID

Chandler David (Debbie C grandson)       Bill Stinedurf (Kelly V uncle)
Russ Perry (friend of RPF)                           Jeff and Connie McGee (Debbie C friends)

Pray for those with CANCER

Pray for those with GENERAL HEALTH issues:

Janet Autrand          Madelyn Wood         Loretta Kelton                     Beth Foster
Eula Williams           Stan Fujarski            Peggy Murray                      Gerald Wright
Wilma Hickson        Bonnie Trousdale   Diane Peavey                       Virginia Gourd
Wanda Peavey         Chester Wells            Terry Leverett                     Barbara Leverett
Gene Wood               Gary Cook                   Helen Maupin                      Ed Kelton

Yolanda (Teresa T aunt)                               Mamie (Helen M sister)
Kerrie Decker (Becky S friend)                  Pat (Diane V sister)
Bert V (Diane V husband)                             Brian Cunningham (Bob V friend)
Dwayne Wood (Peggy C friend)                  Linda & Larry Garrett (Madelyn W’s friends)
Grace (Madelyn W boss)                               Scott (Madelyn W friend)
Melonie (Debbie C daughter)                       Jewel Martin (Debbie C friend)
Mrs. Baird (Becky S friend)                           Sandra Baxley (Terrie S friend)
Earnestine Jordan (Cook’s friend)             Fred Bailey (Eula W nephew)
Russell Anderson (Kelly V dad)                  Danielle Kenny (Maya K mom)
David & Linda Durom (Doug N friends)   Norah McAlister (Loretta K granddaughter)
Syble Moen (Ed K sister)                               Hunter (Loretta K nephew)
Kristen Cook (Jerrie C daughter-in-law)   Melissa (Crabtree’s granddaughter)
(congestive heart failure)                               (post-car wreck therapy)
Mrs. Cousineau (Christy C mom)               Rene Lopez
(dementia)                                                          (post-stroke recovery)
Glenn Turney                                                   Heather Pacheco
(healing for eyes)                                            (liver issues)
Phil Cook (Jim & Jerrie son)                        Shay Searle (Robert & Terrie daughter-in-law)
(depression)                                                     (spiritual & emotional issues)
Mayra Ramos                                                  Mom of Mayra Ramos
(recovering from broken pelvis)                 (recovery from spine surgery)

David                                                                 Doug Newbauer
(Suzanne P son-in-law)                                (foot sores)

Pray for those needing SALVATION:

Fadi & Amira Abdallah (MDO family)      Billy Vaughan (Beth F’s nephew)
Chandler Mitchell (Bob E’s grandson)     Linda (Madelyn W’s friend)
Norma (Madelyn W’s boss),                          Family of Missionary Pat Ropp
Richard (friend of Madelyn W.)                   Charles Marquis (Gary C. co-worker)
Danielle Kenny (Maya K’s mom)                Rod & Lexie Hughes (Glenn T friends)
Pat Halton (Bob V bro-in-law)                     Willie Martin (Bert & Diane’s neighbor)
Paula Dungan (Glenn T sister)                  
Catholic granddaughter and
great-granddaughter (Katherine O)

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