Prayer Requests May 24, 2020

Prayer Requests
(For the week of May 24th-30th)

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Bob Vacendak— Please pray that 2020 will be our most fruitful and God-glorifying year ever; pray that God will open doors for all of us as His body to share the Message of Life with others. Each one, reach one!!!!! 

Terrie Searle — Linda Cole, my sister, fell and broke her kneecap. She will be having surgery on Thursday, May 28th. She will turn 68 on May 31st.

Bob Vacendak—pray for my sister Elaine Halton; cancer has NOT spread to the bones. However, she has three spots on her liver and one on her lung. Biopsy and MRI later this week. She is not a believer.

Helen Maupin—infected spider bite.

Janet Autrand—recovering from cataract surgery.

Leslie Turney—Christy Cousineau’s mom; dementia. My neighbor, Suzie Wajtkowiak is having hip surgery.

Godfrey Ojiako, Sr. has been furloughed from his job at Fossil.

Sharon Daugherty — Winter, a lady who works in a nursing home where a patient has been confirmed to have COVID19, has one lung. She is at risk and asks for our prayers.

Janet Autrand — my brother Gary Locke, lost one eye to cancer and is now having trouble with his other eye.

Missionary Ed Kofi—Please join us in prayer for urgent food supply for the children at the Daniel Hoover Children Village & Orphanage as well as the deaf children home run by the ACFI in Monrovia, Liberia.

Madelyn Wood — special prayers for niece Cami & her daughter Haley. Haley has severe disabilities and Cami is a single mom; just extra hard for her now. Her nephew Scott is also having a rough time right now.

Gary Crabtree—my brother Mike is recovering from surgery.

Cissy Welch— Family friend, Terry Bendon; recovering from a torn aorta

Janie Crabtree—son-in-law Casey Hardy has been furloughed from his job due to the virus.

Dave Degnon — former member of our church has bladder and prostate cancer; both were removed, but doctors only give him a few months to live.

Diane Vargas — Sister Pat has some form of cancer. Unspoken; my 22 year-old nephew, Isaiah has been deployed by the army.

Jamey Key — company/work situation

Loretta Kelton— That the Lord will bless our MDO program. My sister, April Carmichael has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Debbie Copelin— Paula Hutchins is having family problems. Li Stickley is improving very slowly.

Leslie Turney — Glenn Turney—cataract surgery in other eye has been postponed until further notice. Glenn’s eye was dilated for the first surgery and it remains dilated now. Pray that this might be rectified. It causes problems with his night vision. Kathleen Curtis, flight attendant at SWA—is not doing well at all.

Teresa Titchywy— my co-worker Hikimah Gipsonto. Recent loss of house because of a fire. She is staying with a friend and her children are now with family in MN. My nephew Christopher Thompson is going into the Air Force. He leaves for boot camp in June.

Jonathan Klehm— has finished boot camp and is now waiting to start the next steps of his military career.

Rene Lopez—recovering from stroke. Pray that God may perhaps work a miracle and raise Rene back up even though doctors say this is not possible.

Sophia Abalegan — for my family, Hadish, Gelila, Esrom.

Bob Vacendak—please pray for my next-door neighbor Gail Gable’s sister, Karen Leupold. She is undergoing chemo and radiation.

Wanda Peavey— Pray for daughter Diane’s health and finances.

Marilyn Kotteman— unspoken request for my family.

Godfrey Ojaiko, Sr. —family safety and good health.

Glenn Turney—pray for spiritual transformation in the life of my brother Steve.

Rodney Campbell—for our young generation of kids to be soldiers for God even though the world tries to pull them away; for President Trump and our country.

Peggy Carroll—continue to pray for my family and that I will find God’s purpose for my life.

Janet Autrand— Grandkids, Kailynn and Greyson, to find a church home.

Kemesha Adkins-Turner— for myself and my family that we will stay strong in our walk with the Lord. Also for us to stay healthy at this time.

Katherine Odie—that my whole family would choose to serve God openly. That we may all look to Jesus for deliverance from our sins, especially addictions that take us away from serving God.

Doug Newbauer—needs more work opportunities; pray for his family and friends

Jim Cook—son, Phil — battling depression; Shay Searle, wife of Glenn Searle, spiritual and emotional issues.

Loretta Radziwanowski—pray for my daughter Angela and her kids (that Angela will get her life together and provide a loving, stable home for her children). Pray that the Lord will heal our land and rid us of this virus.

Mayra Ramos—self, for the Lord to guide me and keep me on His path; I am having health issues; I am now home schooling Lael—pray for wisdom and guidance; my mom to have full recovery from spine surgery; Lael to stay healthy and on fire for God; for Lillah to stay on fire for God.

Lupe Williams— pray that I will continue to walk with the Lord and grow in His grace; pray for my son, Jonathan, and daughter Andrea, to get into and stay in church (although right now she says she is agnostic); also, that she will be able to get into her apartment by May.

Pray for those with CANCER

Bill Stinedurf (Kelly V’s uncle); Linda Vapreszan (Kelly V’s friend); father of Bill Short; JoAnn Kirkland; Ruth Wright; Sharon (friend of Peggy M.); Jacola (Becky S’s friends);  Chip (Janet A’s friend); Kim Rine (Wade’s niece); Bob Duff (Debbie C’s friend); Sherry (Bonnie T’s daughter); Melina (co-worker of Natalie Y) stage 3 with mass on heart; Patrick Lopez—pray for my dad’s best friend Gary Stephens (prostate cancer); Rusty Morris (Debbie C friend), Jim (Helen Maupin’s neighbor); Ana (Chester’s sister); Gary Locke (Janet A’s brother); Carolyn Pierce, breast cancer; Suzhan Roach (family friend of Jake Ramey); Daughter of Kendrick Jones (given six months to live in Sept); Carolyn Metz; Ashley Foster’s mother-in-law, Stephanie (Debbie Copelin), Jasmin’s grandma; Gene Henderson (Cissy Welch), Daria (Eula W), Cindy West (Helen M.); Anthony Gomez; Dawson Wood (Cissy Welch’s great nephew).

Pray for those with GENERAL HEALTH issues:

Janet Autrand, Madelyn Wood, Loretta Kelton, Beth Foster, Eula Williams, Stan Fujarski, Peggy Murray, Gerald Wright, Wilma Hickson, Bonnie Trousdale,  Diane Peavey-Kaufman, Virginia Gourd, Wanda Peavey, Chester Wells, Terry Leverett, Barbara Leverett, Lacy Scott, Gene Wood, Yolanda (Teresa T’s aunt); grandmother (Dan T.); Mamie (Helen M’s sister), Kerrie Decker (Becky S’s friend); Pat (Diane V’s sister); Bert (Diane V’s husband); Brian Cunningham (Bob V’s friend), David (Suzanne P’s son-in-law), Donna H (Peggy C’s daughter); Dwayne Wood (Peggy C’s friend), Mrs. Eddie Baird (Becky S’s friend) on daily dialysis, needs a transplant; David Wells (Janet A’s son);, Norma Mitchell (Delores E’s niece), Grace (Madelyn W’s friend), Scott (Madelyn W’s nephew), Melonie (Debbie C’s sister), Jewel Martin (Debbie C’s friend), Linda & Larry Garrett (Madelyn W’s friends), Sandra Baxley (Terrie S’s friend), Earnestine Jordan, wife of former pastor Ben Jordan; David & Linda Durom (friends of Doug N), Jason Britto, Gary Cook, Helen Maupin.

Pray for those needing SALVATION:

Fadi & Amira Abdallah (MDO family), Billy Vaughan (Beth F’s nephew), Chandler Mitchell (Delores E’s grandson), Linda (Madelyn W’s friend), Norma (Madelyn W’s boss), Catholic granddaughter and great-grand daughter (Katherine Odie), Shannon Brown, Ray Ferguson, and K.O. (friends of Sue D), family of Missionary Pat Ropp. Richard (friend of Madelyn W.), Charles Marquis (Gary C. coworker), Danielle Kenny (Maya K’s. mom), Gary Locke (Janet A’s brother)

RPF Missionary Prayer List

Pray for our co-laborers around the world!

  ∙ Phil and Martha Bloomer (Brazil)

   ∙ Guy and Tali Cohen (Israel)

   ∙ James & Judith Gutinyu (Zambia)

  ∙ Victor and Carole Hartsfield  (Cambodia)

  ∙ Davey and Marie Jank (Venezuela)

  ∙ Ed & Cecilia Kofi (Liberia)

  ∙ Steve and Shan Lewis (Jordan)

  ∙ Paul and Lena Miles (Ukraine)

  ∙ James and Phyllis Myers (Ukraine)

  ∙ Leah Rigsby (New Guinea)

  ∙ Jeff and Pat Ropp (Philippines)

  ∙ Gerardo & Judith Zambano (Mexico)

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